?Tunisia Before the (Nuclear Deal), What Is Next

An agreement has been reached about the (Iranian Nuclear File), and the threats that Iranians willpay a dear price if they do not agree to the deal have gone unheeded, while were replaced by anticipated awards. The fastest award is to start the Iranian political influence on the Arab region by opening the door to (float Assad  criminal regime). Therefore, Tunisia issued an official government statement about its intention to open a consulate in Syria, welcoming the return of the Ambassador of the criminal system again (observing the interests of the two peoples)
However, the actual truth discloses that the statement announced by US Secretary of State about the need for dialogue with Assad was one of the awards, which have been prepared under the policy of (carrot and stick) with Iran, and the fears that Umayyad capital of Damascus to be the greater Award of Iran.
Therefore, the Gulf Alliance with the countries joined forms a glimmer of hope to counter the group of awards prepared for the sake of Iran in the region, and to put an end to the Iranian greed and its influence in the Arab countries. Asifat Al-Hazm is now an essential action for an Arab encounter to the Iranian terrorism that is deeply rooted in the mind and the structure of the Velayat-e Faqih, which nibbles the Arab capitals in the region one after another. Asifat Al-Hazm should strike the Iran clients, not only in Yemen but also in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon as well.
And Allah has ordered

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