to renounce factionalism

Syrian Arab Republic

Free Syrian Army

Homs Liberation Movement

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

After more than four years of the blessed Syrian revolution, reality has demonstrated that partisan, factional and ideological affiliations have torn our ranks apart and dispersed the revolutionary Syrian youth. The Syrian people have missed opportunities of which they could have taken advantage.

Homs Liberation Movement emphasizes the necessary of avoiding division and discord. It responds to the need to rally around the collective Syrian national project, in the spirit of the first Syrian Revolution, which renounced partisanship, sectarianism and factionalism of any kind. Further, it maintains its commitment not to follow of any political party, group or party-political institution. The Movement’s representative is its administrative council and no one else has the right to speak for the Movement. Homs Liberation Movement also asserts that it has maintained – and will continue to maintain – its goal of toppling the regime along with all its foundations and leading figures. This will be so until the criminal and his cohorts leave the country and it then places itself in the hands of the establishment agreed upon by the Syrian people.

The Movement calls on all Syrian factions to renounce factionalism and instead focus on the goal of the blessed revolution. The night may be long, but joy for Syria is close!

Allah will decide the outcome!

May 27, 2015

Homs Liberation Movement



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