The United States and the 60 fighters

The U.S. Defense Secretary (Ashton Carter) announced that the United States trained in two months only 60 trainees. Carter indicated in a hearing meeting before the U.S. Congress about the Syrian Opposition who is fighting ISIS (Daesh), that this number is well bellow of what was expected for reasons, he claimed, to strict scrutinizing procedures applied on the candidates. The training program was launched in May, in Jordan and Turkey. The program was designed to train 4500 candidates and it was considered a test of President Obama’s administration strategy in cooperating with local partners in combating extremists

In front of all this, the leaders of the armed Syrian opposition say that the force being trained by the United States can’t achieve success unless this force directly attack the Syrian regime army which is now not considered a target in the American combat operations.But the question that arises is what brought the United States, the super power, to this stage?

The American strategy in Syria seems to blunder and move from failure to another because it has no clear feature or vision. The strategy priorities seem to change in an accelerating manner. Once the priority is to topple the Syrian regime by force, next the priority is to fight the Islamic State with the aim of weakening it in order to eliminate it at a later stage. A third priority stresses the need for a political solution as the only exit to this crisis. It is obvious, the administration, is failing in the three priorities

The United States appears to be gradually distancing itself away from the Arabs, but it provides the Kurds with assistance and training. This assistance is beginning to reflect on the ground in the northern eastern parts of Syria, culminating in the re-taking of the city of Tal Abyad, which is close to the Turkish borders and in semi-connection, geographically, with the Iraqi Kurdistan region. The American betting or involvement in the Arab region was a failure with heavy expenses. The American involvement in Iraq is not a far example. We don’t think it will be different in Syria especially with the part pertaining on depending on the Kurds to fight the “Islamic State” for it will lead to mixing of the cards and upturn the alliances and also injecting disaster on the Kurds themselves, who agreed to perform the old-new role, and also, trusting the American promises which ended, in the past, in disappointment

The courage of the Syrian Revolution fighters interacted with their awareness. Their refusal the request to fight the Islamic State is a reflection of their awareness and their right direction in fighting only the Syrian regime, which they believe in, and their acquisition of a clear fighting conviction,because they consider using them by the United States to fight ISIS is only a pragmatic use by the U.S. to achieve Western American interests away from their interest to topple the Assad regime and build the new Syrian State

The statement might only be for press consumption, which aims at drawing world attention to the fact that the Syrian regime is the only power we have to put our hands in his to fight ISIS, in fulfilment of Israel’s wishes, which she expresses through its press, to save President Assad

Jack Hocky, the expert on Arab affairs, wrote in an article published in Israel Pulse, a website, last Friday: The survival of the Assad regime is the only guarantee which will provide Israel with peace and tranquility at the Syrian border

But what if countries that are trusted by the Syrian opposition fighters, like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan invited the opposition to train the 60 fighters. No doubt the number of candidates would surpass the 60 trainees

The American confusion may continue and it may be deliberate just to gain time waiting for the conclusions of the last quarter of an hour negotiations, taking place in Vienna, on the atomic agreement between Iran and the six great powers, whether it may be positive or negative, in order for Mr. Obama and his White House to draw the new would be alliances, targets and plans.

Allah will decide the outcome

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