Mulberry Leaf


Four years after the blessed Syrian Revolution and the implication of Assad in crimes of war and genocide, the United Nations remains merely anxious, making the Syrian people lose confidence in the ability of its envoys to play an active role in stopping the crimes of unspeakable affront to humanity. Despite this a few gullible Syrian groups have pinned their hopes in getting out of the dark tunnel on the initiative of the UN envoy, de Mistura. However the international envoy has stepped up his meetings with Assad over the past week, and celebrated together with him in a provocative manner not in line with the nature of the sensitive diplomatic task assigned to him in order to declare later that:

“President Assad is part of the solution, and I will continue to hold important discussions with him.”

The Free Homs Movement, like most of the other military forces on Syrian territory, says to Mr. de Mistura, ‘You have become part of the problem, and the experience of the city of Homs, which you cite as an example of a solution in Aleppo was not a solution but was irrefutable proof of the UN’s inability to get food into the besieged section of the city at the time, despite the existence of a UN resolution to do so.’

The way the United Nations dealt with the Waer neighborhood in Homs is no different from the previous one. However it has been unable to impose its intervention even with an agreement that might lead to the introduction of humanitarian aid.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, this time we share your anxiety because, after his last statement, the last mulberry leaf has fallen from the initiative of your envoy, de Mistura.

God has full control over His affair

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