Chemical – A Never Ending Story

In September 2012, the American president, Barack Obama, warned the Assad regime against the use of chemical weapons saying, “There will be serious consequences if we see a full range of chemical weapons moving or being used. This is a red line for us…and it will change any accounts.”

In a statement issued by the White House he added that ‘Assad has lost his legitimacy and must step down’ and that ‘the United States was consulting with the international community to prepare for political transition in Syria.’ That was the last farce of declarations from the land of Uncle Sam and its leader, ‘Abu Hussein,’ concerning Bashar’s lack of legitimacy. Three years have passed since that declaration, which was described at the time as the final warning and a declaration of war and because of which Syrians gleaned some hope to contain the killer and put an end to the tragedy. But nothing has changed. On the contrary, the tyrant has exceeded all red lines with determination and insistence and Obama has forgotten or has pretended to forget what he said, to the extent that criminal gangs carried out a massacre with chemical weapons in Ghouta, Damascus on 21/8/2013 which led to the deaths of nearly 1,500 people, most of them women and children. Obama’s volcano erupted and the throne of the United Nations was shaken and it condemned the bombing issuing its Resolution Number 2118, which condemns the use of chemical weapons and calls for their removal and delivery without any deterrent punitive measures so that the land of Uncle Sam can suffice with the crime weapon letting loose the hand of the killer against the Syrians with various types of other weapons and America can claim victory. We remind the US president that the first bombing by the regime with chemical weapons was in the Bayada neighbourhood, in Homs, the capital of the revolution on 23/12/2012, which defied the dictators and wore them down with heavy losses of equipment and lives. This was the means for the lifting of the siege on the city of Homs and the only thing the regime could do was to bomb it with toxic gas. The most recent was also in Homs on 29/8/2015, on one of the Rastan fronts in the northern countryside, where the bombardment struck dozens of Syrians and led to the martyrdom of a number of them. This was after the free soldiers carried out qualitative and intensive operations to ease the burden on their brothers in Zabadani front. The response to this came in the form of toxic weapons which UN inspectors claimed no longer exist! Perhaps America’s memory failed it when it remembered to call the Security Council for an emergency meeting to discuss the rights of gays languishing under the control of ISIS but forgot to call on it to stop the daily massacres committed by the criminal Assad, considering the daily massacres taking place against the Syrians opposed to the regime to be a simple and natural matter that does not require international action. Or maybe it considers the source of the chemical bombardment in Syria to be a demonic meteor in the sky linked to ISIS! Between this massacre and that one there were about 158 documented cases of bombardment with toxic weapons according to the Syrian Human Rights Network, which led to the killing of thousands of civilians and innocent people. Every city of the country swallowed its share of the pain, and the countries of the world, as usual, sufficed with international condemnation and denunciation.

We in Syria no longer want your red lines, O Obama, nor your claim of the killer’s loss of legitimacy, as we are afraid that what comes out of the White House represents the beginning lines from which Assad regime begins a new phase in the killing of Syrians. We are no longer concerned with the condemnations of the Security Council and the denunciations of Europe and nor the defenses of Russia for the killer if no human beings remain in our country. More than two-thirds of Syria’s population today are dead, displaced, refugees, missing or detainees. Millions of them are now knocking on the doors of your country seeking the right to live which was taken away from them when they called for freedom as a result of your silence and abandonment. It is a shame on the land of Uncle Sam, the most powerful nation in the world, that its president draws his red lines but an obscure tramp crosses them in broad daylight.

Journalist: Musab Al-Saud

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