Dancing on empty intestines … a normal behavior in the eyes of the United Nations

At a time when a global campaign was launched to lift the siege imposed by the Syrian regime forces and the Lebanese Hezbollah militias on several Syrian cities, aimed to deliver an open letter to the representatives of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in countries where demonstrations and sit-ins took place such as Turkey, Germany, France, Ireland, the United States and Canada, and comes after the second hearing of the Security Council which discussed the siege on Syrian cities
Accompanied by global anger inside and outside Syria, and global protest against the policy of starvation adopted by the Assad regime and his militia against civilians in a number of Syrian cities and villages. The campaign is led by dozens of Syrian journalists and human rights activists, in addition to a number of Arab and foreign journalists sympathetic to the cause of the Syrian people.
The campaign called through its letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations to oblige Assad regime’s to implement the Security Council resolution No. 2139, issued in 2014, and which provided for the delivery of humanitarian aid to all Syrian cities. The Security Council which had to do its duty without reminders and campaigns, not only failed its duty but began to conspire on the Syrian people despite all the suffering and tragedies and surprised us by a matter that amounts to the level of atrocities an absurdity. As media figures and human rights activists have revealed the variation in the data, and the contradiction within when compared with data made by independent humanitarian institutions, and changes in the reports adopted by the international community of an institution recognized and entrusted for humanity missions.

The British site “Middle East Eye” has revealed that the United Nations has allowed the Assad regime to amend the words and change the terms contained in the report which was prepared to assess the situation in the besieged areas, deleting the word “besieged” when talking about “Madaya”, putting in place of the word “areas that have been included in the UN Security Council decision Under the numbers 2139, 2165 and 2191 “, in reference to the regulations of the United Nations, which was approved about relief agencies that can enter the besieged areas without the consent of the Assad regime, and so many other amendments.
To make matters worse, the humanitarian affairs coordination staff of the United Nations Office in Damascus published a report adopting the amendments of the Assad regime without the authorization of the International Organization offices in Turkey, Jordan, and this in itself reflects the disaster regarding the credibility of the international organization and its institutional systems.

The figures also revealed a disparity in the figures stated by the United Nations in a number of besieged areas; and besieged people in Syria, where the office of humanitarian affairs coordination presented that the number of besieged people in Syria is estimated at about 393.700, but the Siege Watch Network says that number is greater and may reach to millions, while MSF number is estimated at about a million people.

United Nations Office did not deal with “Madaya” reached by relief convoys as a region under siege, because its report underwent a modification and the word “besieged” was deleted when talking about “Madaya”, and referring to it as “difficult to access”. This is what reveals the contradiction in the international organization as Siege Watch Network explained.
Despite all that, the International Foundation caring for man and his rights did not provide what saves its reputation but a spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Jans Lerch said that the modifications that have occurred in the report “are normal behavior.”
This led the journalist and writer specialized in the United Nations Affairs and a Professor at the Middle East and Political Science Studies Center in Rutgers University, “Abdul Hamid Siyam:” to consider that the credibility of the international organization came under a lot of accountability, stressing the need to bring the perpetrators of this siege crimes to the International Criminal Court and not just food aid.

So, will Ban Ki-moon, who said, “Let me be clear, the use of starvation as a weapon is a war crime.” Restore the credibility of the international organization, amid questions if it can be trusted in the future?

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